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Auckland, New Zealand
Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2024

International Student Manager

Permanent - Full Time
Customer Service

This is a fantastic role focused around supporting our international students here in New Zealand. Key to the success of our international student program is their experience while here in New Zealand and so the role involves facilitating the enrolment, orientation, and overall well-being of our international students.

Reporting into our experienced Associate Vice President – Strategic Partner, your responsibilities will encompass a wide range of tasks and duties aimed at ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for our diverse student body. To achieve this, you will need to have a customer-focused mindset and work well in a team, as this role will need to coordinate with both internal and external teams in supporting our international students.

Job Description

We’re looking for someone with strong business and customer experience, who will be able to take responsibility for managing our international students. This requires someone who has the ability to think on their feet, lead by example and take responsibility for responding to any challenges.

While experience is key for this role, given the management responsibility, working as part of a small team means that you will also need to be comfortable working through basic administrational work to support the necessary setup for our international students.

Key Responsibilities:

Warm Welcome and Induction: Extend a warm welcome to international students upon their arrival in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Participate in the induction process, providing essential information and support during their initial days at Ignite Colleges.

Enrolment Support: Assist international students in the enrolment process, guiding them through the various academic programs offered by Ignite Colleges. Provide comprehensive information on entry requirements, study options, and program details. This includes facilitating the compilation of necessary documentation required for international students to travel to New Zealand

Compliance Management: Ensure strict adherence to the rules and regulations set by New Zealand government agencies, including NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) and INZ (Immigration New Zealand), throughout the enrolment process.

Student Management: Effectively manage our International Students (customers) for Skills Consulting Group both proactively with program support initiatives and reactively as needed, responding to any challenges that may arise.

Teamwork: Work effectively with a number of internal teams and external providers to coordinate the outcomes for our international students and their experience with Skills Consulting Group.

International Events: Contribute to the planning and execution of international events and activities designed to enhance the cultural experience of our students and foster a sense of community.

Student Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough needs assessments with potential students to understand their educational goals, preferences, and individual requirements. Offer program recommendations based on their aspirations. Assist in the analysis of feedback from international students through surveys, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary changes to enhance their overall experience.

Program Promotion and Sales: Effectively communicate the value and benefits of Ignite Colleges' programs to potential students. Assist them in selecting the most suitable program to meet their educational and career objectives.

Success Story Compilation: Collaborate with current international students and staff to collect and document their success stories and experiences at Ignite Colleges. These stories will be used as powerful testimonials to showcase the positive outcomes of studying with us to our network of agents.

Agent Relationship Management: Ensure that all agent files and contracts are accurately maintained and up to date. Serve as a point of contact for agents, addressing inquiries, and ensuring smooth collaboration.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an administrative role focused on student and agent communication could include the following:

Respond to student and agent emails within 24 hours. Follow up with students' unresolved inquiries via email and phone calls within 72 hours.

  • Measurement: Keep track of how many inquiries are resolved to the satisfaction of students and agents, aiming for a high percentage of resolved issues.

Maintain a high-quality response standard for both emails and phone calls.

  • Measurement: Implement a quality assurance process to evaluate the content and professionalism of responses, aiming for a high satisfaction rate from both students and agents.

Continuously improve communication efficiency.

  • Measurement: Monitor and analyse communication processes to identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement in responding to emails and phone calls, and implement strategies to enhance efficiency.

Maintain accurate records and generate regular reports on communication activities.

  • Measurement: Ensure that all communication with students and agents is properly documented and that reports are generated to track KPI performance and identify areas for improvement.

Ensure the successful implementation of the student strategy as discussed with your manager.

  • Measurement: Regularly review, track, and update the student strategy on a quarterly basis to measure its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments to achieve desired outcomes.

Desired Skills and Experience


  • Strong customer focus
  • Good eye for detail and willing to work through administrational tasks to deliver and support the necessarily outcomes
  • Any experience working with students, training or qualifications a bonus
  • Enjoy being organised and enthusiastic in your work
  • Ability to work on your own and as part of a team
  • Leadership and management experience preferred
  • We try our absolute best to make sure the student’s journey to Aotearoa is smooth which means attention to detail is key as well as strong communication skills
  • You understand why empathy, patience and cultural sensitivity towards students is important in this role and these traits come naturally to you


We are curious and open to new ideas, we make a point of being on top of the latest trend and global thinking. We are a relatable team who take our work seriously but are proud of a culture which is inclusive, human and fun.

If you’re keen to make your mark in a safe learning environment and within a creative, genuinely supportive team, apply now!

It’s important to our team you have these personal attributes:

  • You align with the Skills Group vital signs, Joy, Manaakitanga, Collab, Bold
  • You’re commercial, inquisitive, and driven to make Skills Group an even better business offering
  • You enjoy a collaborative, fun but hard-working environment.

Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro nōnā te ngahere, ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga nōnā te ao.

The whakatauki says ‘The bird who eats the miro berry, the forest is their domain. The bird who consumes knowledge, the (whole) world is their domain.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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