Senior Certification Engineer (Space Launch)

Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace

Christchurch, New Zealand
Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2023

Our Mission - to fly to space twice in a day.

This is a substantial, complex project and we are looking for an experienced certification engineer to lead the planning and delivery of all tasks to achieve certification of spaceplane operations.

What you will do:

  • Liaise, and build relationships, with relevant aviation and space authorities.
  • Ensure novel system design meets applicable engineering standards.
  • Plan means of compliance and demonstrate compliance to authorities, even where existing standards are not directly applicable and are unprecedented.
  • Coordinate with all Space Launch teams the timely delivery of high-quality evidence to support spaceplane operations certification.
  • Form robust arguments to underwrite airworthiness of unmanned aircraft operations in the areas of design, production, maintenance, operations, and training within the aviation system.
  • Complete hazard analyses associated with unmanned aircraft systems and provide advice to Space Launch Programme engineers on appropriate mitigations.
  • Complete risk assessments and safety cases addressing all sources of risk to the safety of unmanned rocket-powered aircraft flight test operations.
  • Provide advice to all Space Launch Programme team members on all aspects relating to certification of unmanned aircraft and space launch operations.
  • Plan and coordinate resources to achieve certification milestones ahead of flight test campaigns in a timely manner.
  • Understand rules that regulate the national aviation system, and pre-emptively solve issues in integrating unmanned aircraft operations seamlessly into the system.

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