Dawn Aerospace is a space transportation company with a purpose. Our mission is to enable the next generation of space users by providing sustainable and scalable ways to access and move around in space.

We’re looking for someone to lead the build of our spaceplane which is an integral part of our mission. We have a track record of being the best in class. If you do too, please apply.

We already have a successful commercial business in in-space propulsion – we’re the fastest-growing green propulsion company in the world with 57 thrusters on 12 operational satellites. As we grow, we now need someone to take the reins for our spaceplane and progress it to a commercial service offering.

Our spaceplanes are a clean sheet design. The rapid reusability of the aircraft significantly reduces costs compared to a rocket. Using existing runways also means we can deploy and scale globally without the need to build expensive infrastructure. Aviation regulations will allow us to fly multiple times per day.

These are all features that enable a scalability and sustainability that rockets will never achieve.

Our committed and motivated team has already achieved the first steps toward our goal of reaching space twice in one day – flying our Mk-II vehicle under rocket power - and we are now in search of someone who is able to step up to the challenge of leading this global team. This role leads all aspects of space launch including Mk-II, Mk-III, second stage development and ground ops. Although this role could be undertaken from either our Netherlands or Christchurch office, we expect Christchurch to be the better location.


Given the nature of an entrepreneurial venture in a complex and dynamic emerging market, this is the ideal opportunity for someone who has demonstrated that invaluable mix of:

  • Demonstrated people management skills required to assemble, develop, and sustain cross-functional teams, set direction, and produce results in a technical environment of significant complexity and ambiguity.
  • A proven track record of mastering multiple technical and business domains.
  • The ability and desire to foster a positive and motivated team culture.
  • The business acumen required to grasp, operationalise, and deliver on ambitious targets.
  • The ability to think strategically, identify opportunities and mitigate risks in complex, multi-disciplinary projects.
  • A combination of technical knowledge, experience, persistence, drive and creativity needed to lead teams to produce exceptional results.
  • The flexibility and resilience required to generate and sustain the effort needed by both you and team members, to overcome the hurdles inherent in working toward innovative goals with limited resources.
  • As one of three key programme owners reporting directly to our CEO, you will shoulder significant accountability to directors, investors and fellow team-members for progress toward goals.

This role will involve:

  • Directing, managing, and mentoring the team.
  • Working in collaboration with the Chief Engineer as well as sub-system team leads.
  • Establishing and managing programme budgets, timelines, and resources.
  • Fostering a culture of rapid development, extreme ownership, and collaboration.
  • Strategic planning for technology development for the company.
  • Working with teams as required to achieve the departmental goals.
  • Owning the lifecycle of the system from design to deployment and its alignment with overall business plans.

We expect you are likely to have:

  • A minimum Bachelor’s degree in engineering, or other relevant discipline.
  • 5+ years of experience executing complex or advanced engineering projects.
  • 5+ years’ experience being a people manager of other managers.
  • Experience in aerospace.

If this describes your qualities, and if you have a passion for aerospace and the opportunities that it offers, we are very interested in having a conversation with you.

In your application please illustrate what you believe are the key aspects of leadership and management.

Please note that in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, we offer this position subject to the following restrictions: candidates may undergo background checks, including nationality and residency checks, nationals and residents of countries other than in the EU, NATO members, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland, may not be eligible for this position (including the case of dual citizenship or nationality).