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Named with a nod to the Dutch adventurer Abel Tasman, the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642. Abel was founded in Amsterdam by New Zealander Frances Shoemack with a simple goal - to create the world’s best natural perfume. Created by master perfumer Isaac Sinclair, Abel’s vita odor collection is the result of extensive research and development into how to make the very best natural perfume possible. Each fragrance is composed of a highly concentrated mixture of natural oils and absolutes (organically certified where possible) and naturally derived single aroma compounds. The result is dynamic, intimate and modern natural fragrances that last all day on your skin.
ADInstruments and the Classroom of Excellence are committed to promoting diversity in neuroscience research and education. Each year, ADInstruments sponsors scholarships aimed at supporting educators around the world who are leading efforts to increase opportunities for underrepresented minorities in Science, with the award including registration to Crawdad or CrawFly workshops. At the beginning of each year (Jan/Feb) ADInstruments and Cornell University co-host an intensive multi-day workshop based on the original NSF-funded Crawdad Project. We're proud to offer all course participants expert hands-on instruction from Cornell's Ron Hoy, Bruce Johnson, Emory's Bob Wyttenbach, and ADInstruments' Wes Colgan, who have extensive experience teaching neurophysiology. We also make sure each course is equipped with the latest ADInstruments hardware and software. We explore concepts such as synaptic connectivity and plasticity, ionic basis for membrane and action potentials, evolution of excitability and many more, with hands-on exercises and user-friendly software helping workshop participants focus more on the science behind their data, and less on data acquisition per se. A more extensive course is available mid-year that includes methods in neuro-electrophysiology as well as optogenetic approaches using Drosophila melanogaster. This is a comprehensive 5 day workshop, co-hosted by ADInstruments and Cornell University. In addition to Crawdad course instructors, Drosophila neurobiologists Karen Hibbard (Janelia Research Campus) and Illya Vilinsky (University of Cincinnati) demonstrate student friendly exercises based on optogenetic and thermogenetic activation of neural circuits in Drosophila. Attendees will try these protocols as well as techniques to visualize the Drosophila nervous system using fluorescent microscopy. Additional experts and keynote speakers are invited to present unique teaching models that may be of use in your neurophysiology classroom.
Antipodes Organic Beauty North America is a beauty supply & cosmetics shop which located in Wellington, New Zealand.
Aspeq Limited is the New Zealand based holding company for the following family of operating companies, registered in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Aviation Services Limited administers and delivers exams and practical assessments in New Zealand under delegation from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZCAA), for aviation related licenses ranging from private and professional pilots to aircraft maintenance engineers. It also manages the delivery of exam services to the aviation authorities of Macau and Singapore. The company is located in Lower Hutt, Wellington and delivers examinations in over 40 locations in New Zealand and internationally. Assessment Services Pty Limited is an Australian company located in Canberra, Australia. It provides aircrew exam services at over 40 locations across Australia for the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Assessment Systems Limited provides examination and workplace assessment services to the building, construction and financial services industries on behalf of a number of regulatory agencies in New Zealand. The company is located in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Aspeq Limited (UK registered) provides assessment systems, management and regulatory assessment services to the UK and European markets, and is located in London.
Atlantis Healthcare is a leader in patient adherence and behavior change solutions.
Bizink helps busy accountants or bookkeepers grow by improving their marketing. We do that with high-performance websites, engaging content and modern marketing tools. Everything we do is built for accountants and bookkeepers and streamlined so they can run their practices in the knowledge their online marketing is in safe hands.
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Capital Preferences really understands your clients. Our preference analytics let you make better decisions for your clients, and your firm.
Carac Group delivers innovation and technology for cost effective engineering. We are one of New Zealand’s most advanced cutting shops – pushing boundaries in engineering over 25 years with advanced, high precision equipment and service to match. CARAC MANUFACTURE: We produce components for the New Zealand and international market in automotive, agricultural, marine, engineering and utility industries. We have been manufacturing steel components for industry since 1988. Our Trackgrip range of products significantly improves traction, stability and safety for all tracked vehicles. CARAC SERVICE Carac Group offers professional and prompt design, fabrication and engineering services for New Zealand and International market. We have invested in the latest CNC machinery, including powerful and advanced laser, water and plasma cutters to produce only the highest quality products and the best price for our customers. CARAC CREATE We custom manufacture a wide range of products specific to customer needs, whether it is a product variation or completely unique product we can cater for one-off, small run or mass production. We provide one of New Zealand's most advanced cutting services and won’t be beaten on quality or price.
Based in New Zealand and the Netherlands, Dawn Aerospace is building same-day reusable launch vehicles and non-toxic satellite propulsion systems. Same-day Reusable Launch Vehicles that do not require specialised space-launch infrastructure, integrate with everyday aircraft in nearby airspace and launch as often and routinely as commercial aviation. Non-toxic high performance propulsion systems for satellites of all sizes. For small satellites, they simplify systems and replace the poisonous and highly-regulated fuel, hydrazine. For CubeSats, they increase capabilities by supplying 1,000x higher performance than electric-based propulsion systems. By building these technologies in tandem, Dawn is creating the end-to-end architecture required for delivering, positioning and returning spacecraft in a highly scalable and environmentally conscious way.